Dr. George Holmes Explains Tightrope Bunion Procedure

Dr. George Holmes was featured on ABC 36 to discuss the Mini Tightrope® procedure, a bunion correcting procedure that he co-developed. The procedure helps to correct the boney deformity without cutting the bone allowing for a more speedy recovery time.

A bunion is formed when the first metatarsal pulls away from the second and the big toe then moves inward. The Mini Tightrope® procedure works by drilling a hole in each of the metatarsal bones and lacing a very strong yet flexible wire through the two holes. The wire is tightened to pull the first metatarsal inward and align the big toe. Finally the wire is anchored on each end by a tiny button to keep it from slipping. Dr. Holmes then secures the bones by tightening the surrounding ligaments. The procedure requires no cutting of the bone and can be repeated if the bunion returns.